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2011.03.30 11:29:05
Comments from students

Here you can find comments from our recent students

If you are a recent student then you may comment here

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2011.03.30 06:38:30
I won’t forget the good and very passionate teachers who were always willing to help us at any time. It will be my pleasure to make sure that other children know about the (LPD) programme. It really helps a lot and those who attend are the ones who end up getting the best results.

Ms Thandeka Mgudlwa - now registered for BA at the University of Cape Town.

2011.03.30 06:39:54
I attended the Saturday classes at Bulumko and it was very advantageous for me. The teachers helped me a lot. My school teachers couldn’t explain things the way they did. I got an A symbol for Maths and a B for Physical Science and Geography. I would advise all students to attend. It’s only one day a week but you gain a lot from it.
Ms Bukelwa Nkumanda - now studying Industrial Engineering at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

2011.03.30 06:43:25
ASSET helps me a lot. I gain more information that I gain at our school. I want to pass matric so I can go to university. That’s why I come to Saturday school – to learn.

Zuko Brandile

2011.05.17 07:47:07
Zikhona Xuba

Thank you, thank you, thank you Asset for being there for me when I needed you the most. If there is any hope that a Grade 12 learner should hold tight from their matriculation year up until University is YOU. I wish I can say more but I am short person in words, Thank you

Z.F Xuba

2011.07.18 04:19:03
Hi Zihkona

Thank you. We are proud of you


2011.07.18 03:07:45
Abongile Sijora
Statpro, who would have that there is such a company. had it not been for the ASSET foundation and their dedicated staff members i probably would not have met the individuals from that company. thank you for instilling more hope in me and possibly in other students as well. i study knowing that the fruits will indeed be beautiful.
i truly enjoyed the recent outing that we had with the Statpro group, and to Robbie who was there beside us, i truly will take you up on your offer.
your involvement shows the dedication that i have spoken about in the above text.
i thank you

2011.07.18 04:17:43
Thank you, Abongile. I will be in touch



2011.07.19 22:35:08
Good day to you
We do not have an IT programme as yet will will in the future. Kindly send ASSET your contact details.


2011.09.12 18:10:06
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2011.12.07 15:29:05
I am a proud ASSET alumni, I have just scored myself few lucrative offers. Thanks to ASSET for their assistance through high school until I found my feet in Varsity. It's quite sad though that the LDP no longer runs in Khayelitsha.

2012.09.06 19:30:51
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2014.01.28 06:20:06
Well done for giving student another much needed chance at getting ahead!


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