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Annual Report 2017


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The Association for Educational Transformation believes in the transforming quality of education in individual and national life and that it is the foundation of a better future for all. We recognise the dignity, value and worth of all students and their right to the highest quality of education, and that huge disparities still exist in South African society. We believe that an investment in the future of the youth from impoverished communities is essential not only to enhance their own lives but for the growth and prosperity of society at large. Our Vision is to afford students, especially those from previously disadvantaged communities, the opportunity to enjoy equal access to Higher Education and to the world of work.



Our Mission is to contribute towards the process of educational transformation by providing opportunities for students from disadvantaged communities to realise their full educational potential so that they are able to meet the challenges of life and make a positive contribution to society. The Association for Educational Transformation is committed to promoting the overall well being of students and staff and to the delivery of quality services.


Registration details:

Section 21:
Non-Profit Organisation:
Public Benefit Organisation:    Reg. No. (2002/028121/08)
Reg. No. (NPO-027-084)
Reg.No.( PBO 930002121)



Learner Comments

I must say that these classes helped a lot. My March results were good and I was very astonished when I found out I passed Maths. It’s been my weakness for years. This whole idea of Saturday school is a thrill – at least that’s what I think.

Noluthando Tom

Bursary Deadlines

The deadline for Bursary Applications each year is

30 September

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